Dr. Eid and Shared Decision-Making

Dr. Ibrahim Eid in "General Surgery News"

April, 2015


Most everyone in Fall River knows Dr. Ibrahim Eid as the talented and compassionate vascular surgeon who founded Prima CARE's Center for Vascular Diseases over 10 years ago.  Only recently have "thought leaders" around the world recognized his other passion -- patient advocacy, patient education, and the importance of shared decision-making.


The April edition of General Medical News features a front-page Opinion article by Dr. Ibrahim Eid, outlining his thoughts about physician communication, patient-centered education, health care decisions and the future of health care delivery.


Dr. Eid has spoken across the globe as an expert in the newly-minted field of shared decision-making.  This "revolutionary concept" is simply appreciating that well-informed patients are perfectly capable of making rational and cost-effective medical decisions.  "Patient satisfaction" and "favorable outcomes" are the result when properly-educated patients participate in treatment decisions.  Realistic expectations are important, and in many cases, dazzling and expensive technology may not be the right choice when a patient truly understands risks and benefits.  This is, after all, the essence of informed consent.


Dr. Eid founded Expert Medical Navigation (re-christened Santovia) as an educational tool for patients to make their own right choices based on accurate, non-biased information.  Recently, Prima CARE created a direct link to our electronic medical record (eClinicalworks) and to our Patient Portal to bring the power of Santovia to our patients. 


Prima CARE is proud to have innovators like Dr. Eid as part of our organization, and we consider ourselves fortunate to have Santovia so readily available as a teaching tool for our patients.  We all share the belief that:

With the right information, patients make the right choice.


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